Video Tours for Online Exhibitions

Has your exhibition been cancelled due to COVID-19 restrictions?
We'll supply an immersive 360 VR Tour of your stand, product or business.
Just follow our instructions to take the photos, and send them to us to combine into an immersive tour!

VR 360 Property Tour Image Service

In the current COVID-19 recovery period all property sellers need to provide potential buyers with the most information possible before they book a viewing. There is no better way to do that than with a high-quality Virtual Reality Image Tour of your property inside and out.

Help home buyers find and choose your real estate listing with our professionally shot video walkthrough. It's a far more engaging way to show off your property than a flat 2D image, to experience the look and flow of a home or business premises.

Viewings are likely to be more productive, and if a previous viewer's memory fails for any feature of your property they can simply look again at the 360 Virtual Tour.

Zillow and Trulia sort listings with video walkthroughs to the top of their search results.

Let an IPPTS Associates 360VR Photographer help you sell your property faster by:

  • attending your property while observing all safety guidelines in full compliance with social distancing rules in-force at the time of the visit
  • recording the 360° images throughout the property
  • verifying the quality of the images and uploading to webspace from which the customer can embed the 360° tour complete with all the hot-spots and walkthroughs into each room included for the full VR 360 3D picture experience to start showing on any website they wish
  • provision of a full file set of the 360 virtual property tour as an electronic file to enable the customer to upload the tour to all major property sales websites.

This service is currently only available in Shropshire, United Kingdom.

Email us at: for a quote now!

Act Now To Get Your Amazing 360 VR Tour - A Simple Embed Link You Embed Online

Step 1 - Tell us what you want your 360 Virtual Reality Tour to showcase.
Step 2 - State the number of rooms or products.
Step 3 - For an exhibition stand, or shop interior tell us approximately how many items will be featured with hot-spots.
Step 5 - What is your deadline for the completed 360 Tour.

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