Image introduces the IPPTS 360 image service with the question "How can I add a 360 virtual image to my listing?"

How Can I Add A 360 Virtual Tour To My Listing?

Many people are asking; “How can I add A 360 Virtual Tour to my listing?”, so we wrote this article to offer our service for doing exactly that.

So, you need an easy way to show your real estate property to potential clients from the comfort of their home or office?

During the COVID-19 pandemic recovery period, hundreds of thousands of sellers are adding 360 virtual tours to their property listings. It makes real sense to do this.

Those that have already done it frequently reporting that they believe the presence of a 360 virtual image included in their listing brought them a successful sale sooner, and with less hassle, than without it.

Our 360 Virtual Tour Photography Service

IPPTS Associates (Shrewsbury, UK) 360 Virtual Photo Service now offers virtual reality tours which we create by photographing the images at your home or property, and on return to our offices, using sophisticated 3D camera software and hosting site we provide those images fully processed and ready to be used (embedded) on your property pages, wherever you advertise.

Why Does Our 360 Virtual Tour Photography Work So Well?

With virtual reality, viewers can literally enter a quasi-3D world and “walk” through your model home or property as if they were inside the actual building. The software allows viewers see 360-degree views from any area in the interior. Viewers can walk through each room, walk up and downstairs, and even (if included within the package agreed) look outside through the windows to see how the property is situated in the environment.

Our premium tour packages we offer are extremely high quality and easy to use on your estate agent's website, and across all the web's property listing sites. And by selling sooner, with fewer buyer visits they are very cost-effective!

What Other's Have Been Saying About 360 Virtual Tour Photography

An online survey was conducted with consumers who had searched the internet for a restaurant or hotel within the previous 30 days (using any device). A total sample of 1201 respondents was
collected between July 21st and August 2nd, 2015. Different versions of a local business listing (one for a hotel, the other for a restaurant) were created to include basic info, photos, and/or a virtual tour (the same media were used to create each version).

Respondents were asked to view one of the different versions for each business (in a randomized order). Each respondent viewed:

  • 1 hotel listing + 1 restaurant listing; and
  • 1 listing with a virtual tour + 1 listing without a virtual tour.

The market research was conducted by Google to understand the impact of virtual tours on increasing consumers’ interest in local businesses (specifically in booking a reservation at a hotel or restaurant).

“Listings with photos and a virtual tour are twice as likely to generate interest”, said Google.

What the Customer Gets From Our 360 Virtual Tour Photo Service

We will make sure you have a zip file of all of the pictures we take. Our pictures are given to you in the highest resolution size and colors for you to use for the purposes of:

  • magazine advertisements
  • google business view (virtual tours powered by google maps).

More Benefits From Providing a Virtual (3D style) Tour In Your Listing

There are many benefits of including a virtual or 3d tour in your listing. Have you ever taken the time to tour a home, only to be disappointed with how different the home is from the pictures? still photos can sometimes be misleading, but virtual tours allow shoppers to get a more accurate feel for how your home is laid out before attending a showing. That means that the people who show up to see your home in person are more likely to be high-intent buyers.

Add the best virtual tour available, to your listing!

Re: How can I add a 360 Virtual Tour to my listing?

When looking at selling real estate, what better tech tool is available to substitute in-person buyer interactions than 3d virtual tours?  During this crisis, 3d tours are becoming more than just a strong listing feature — they are a necessity.

Here’s what a virtual tour needs to include to actually be a virtual tour and not simply a listing video or slideshow:

  • a real view of the home — not a recreation or rendering
  • smooth navigation that makes it easy to move to different rooms and pan 360 degrees
    ability to walk through, and freeze the frame.

Nothing shows a property or business like a 360 virtual tour on your website.

What Do You Get With Our 360 virtual tour?

Our 3d virtual reality tours, created with our revolutionary, cutting-edge 3d camera system enables home builders, interior designers, architects, hotels, and realtors to transport clients and customers to any residential or commercial interior. Imagine enabling your clients to tour an interior space from the comfort of their home or office! this service is an incredible sales tool and is a great complement to still photography and video. Files are ready for viewing within a day or two of the shoot.

In addition to the stunning imagery, we can incorporate clickable “hot spots” providing additional information, regular photos, click for direction, click to call, other websites, narration, music, and more.

The sky's the limit with these. We provide hosting free of charge and posting to your website is as easy as copy and paste a small bit of code. Your website designer will know how to do it and we're happy to walk you through it if you manage your own site.

Just think of it – the saying goes, “location location location.

If your business is sitting in a prime location, why not let your viewers know?   They may find other things to do before or after visiting your business and plan a whole trip around a visit to your business. You would be amazed at some of the stories we hear about how well watching a well-produced 360 virtual business tour can influence buyers. The best part is, we make it very affordable!

Nowadays, every second buyer wants to have a virtual tour of the property before even visiting it on-site. And the availability of affordable virtual tour tools in the market has turned out to be a piece of amazing news for real estate business owners. Are you in need of virtual tour software that would empower your team to create an appealing tour of the estate within a couple of hours?  Just fill in our Contact Form here.

IPPTS Associates (3D Virtual Tours)

Image introduces the IPPTS 360 image service with the question "How can I add a 360 virtual image to my listing?"Our company specializes in high-resolution photos and 360-degree panoramic tours that position your potential client or customer right in the centre of the scene, our virtual tours are perfect for, real-estate property, rental property, display homes, hotels, resorts, banquet halls, bed and breakfast, churches, schools, restaurants, showrooms, and any other facility that you would want to showcase. Your potential client or customer can tour your property at its best, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year all without leaving the comfort of their home or office.

The advantage of using professionals cannot be overstated, and you want to be able to say:

“Our 3D photographer was prompt, efficient, explained what he needed, and finished the job in a short period of time. The offering was live, on the web the next day, and “wow” is all we could say!

Always being proud of our home and having been told it would “show” well, we had no idea of just how “well” it would.”

Some professional real estate videographers offer virtual tours in addition to more traditional real estate video production. Many of them use a cloud-based software called Matterport to create these virtual tours, along with Matterport-compatible cameras. Matterport is available to homeowners, but since it’s subscription-based, it can be pretty expensive when you’re just creating one tour.


Sell more. Book more. Get more clients. All of our tours are easy to navigate and offer seamless integration with the web and social media. Perfectly compatible with every mobile device, our tours don’t require any special software, apps, or downloads. With lots of extra add-ons and custom features, we’ll build a personalized virtual tour that meets all your needs.

Click here and complete our quote request form.
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