About Us

We are a young video agency offering to create 360 virtual reality tours of all kinds of premises which need a boost to their businesses during the current COVID-19 recovery period as business and family life returns to a more normal social footing.

Our VR 360 images are provided at a very reasonable, highly affordable price, to show any location (including homes, shops, business properties, attractions, event venues etc.) in a memorable way online to potential customers.

We offer these still images which allow viewers to move around inside the space depicted using their mouse for uploading to customer websites and other online services to enable them to increase their online presence in a positive and attention-grabbing manner.

They are recommended for:

  • House Sellers: to do one better than your competitors in the post-COVID era and provide remote house viewings to attract buyers and minimize the need for physical property viewing with its inherent risk of infection. And which, at the time of writing in the UK, is already limited by a time restriction on the duration of each real-life tour.
  • Businesses with a Physical Presence: Shops, cafes and restaurants, schools and nurseries, event locations, and in fact anywhere which needs customers to return after COVID restrictions are lifted need this to show that your business is a safe place to visit and complies with social distancing requirements.
  • Ecommerce Site Sellers selling larger products: All sellers that sell products with external and interior features which form a valuable part of the product from caravans to children's play equipment need these. VR 360 images make sales far more likely to all those people who are nervous about buying without seeing a product first as the experience is much closer to actually inspecting a product than ordinary flat images. Online sales have grown massively during COVID lockdown, but the number of businesses selling products online has also grown. To make the most of this increasingly popular e-commerce opportunity all businesses need to optimize their sales by uploading VR 360 product images.

The difference between VR 360° “video” tours and 360 video

The IPPTS Video Service provides clients with VR 360° video tours, which are still images which (when viewed in the available virtual reality software) create an immersive “video like” experience in which viewers can move around using ordinary devices including mobile phones as if they are actually present in that place.

Another completely separate innovation is 360° video and although they both sound like the same technology, they are actually quite different. 360° video is not currently offered by our professionals.

It's the realm of film-makers and professional bloggers with large budgets, and while it is a wonderful technology that can allow the viewer to look behind and around the room, or place where it is filmed, file sizes are very large. And, consequently, 360 videos are not normally used extensively for promotion or entertainment purposes by individuals and small businesses in the same way as we offer VR360 services here.

General Business Marketing Including Lead Generation and SEO

We also offer to follow-on after the provision of 360 virtual reality tours by providing marketing services to gain the full benefit of the provided VR 360 videos/ 3D images.


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